Garmin eTrex GPS Units Models 30 20 10

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Top Feature :
Garmin eTrex Case in a firm Textured-Rubber Composite Skin provides a tactile hand grip.

Item Description:

Garmin eTrex 20, 10, 30 COVER CASE MADE IN THE USA by GizzMoVest LLC provides the ease-of-use of a holster but the protection remains intact while in-use. An extremely rugged, all custom-molded case, provides an easily-gripped textured rubber surface for all kinds of weather.
(impervious to water)The outer surface sheds dirt easily, yet it is almost a magnet for fingers!
Battery Access: Just Loosen the Lanyard Lock to remove the GPS in 3 seconds!
This clamshell case hinges at the bottom. This ‘Living hinge’ contains a layer of Polyethylene, to withstand 10s of thousands of openings and very rough use. Backed by the manufacturer’s 3-Yr Warranty against defects and workmanship.
Use ‘In-The-Case’: Easy access to all buttons.
The buttons and screen become recessed to protect them and avoid unwanted waypoints or accidental input.
This Protective Case adds just 2 oz to your Garmin eTrex 10 20 30
However this case DOES NOT add floatation.
The wrist lanyard with safety clip enables the device to be securely leashed.
Additional adjustable cord loops on the back of the Case allow versatile mounting options or Carabiner Clip attachement.
NOTE: IN-STOCK. Recieve it in 2~4 days most anywhere in the continental US by 1st Class Mail !

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